Monday, May 11, 2009

Nazi Eye Doctor

I thought I would share an experience that we had today at the eye place. I needed new glasses, because I have been wearing the same pair for a few years now, and also they have been sat on, thrown around, sat on some more, missing a nose piece, bent in a couple different places, and scratched. So me, my wife and 5 year old son took a trip to get daddy some new glasses. I also needed a new exam, so sitting in the small room listening to the Doc talk, my 5 year old son, who was doing very well in sitting still, moved around to lean against my wife's lap, when out of nowwhere the Doc yelled with a sterness that I had not seen or heard in a very long time " SONNY, YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN AND BE STILL, I AM TALKING TO YOUR DAD." Then he went back to talking to me like nothing had happened. Lot of things go through your mind when something like this happens. Do I say something? How could he do that with us right there? After he got done talking, we walked out of the room, and he was going to help me pick out which frame. As the Doc was giving me a pair to try on, me son starting grabbing for one of the hundreds of glasses that are poised on the wall. When out of nowwhere the Doc again yelled with a sterness." SONNY, DO NOT TOUCH THESE GLASSES, YOU NEED TO SIT OVER THERE ON THAT CHAIR." As he was saying that, the Doc had his hand on my son's arm and it looked like he was going to pull him over to the chair, but since my wife was right there, she intervened and looked straight into the Doc's eyes and with a look that a mother could only give when her darling child is being threatened retorted "I'LL TAKE CARE OF HIM, THANK YOU!!!!!!" She led him to the seat, and me and the Doc proceeded to find the right frames. Not sure if this Doctor was having a bad day, but in no circumstance does anybody correct another person's child in front of their parents. I wish I could say that I stepped in as the protector of my home and laid in on him, but I did not. I am sure whoever is reading this would have boldly, without hesitation, said something.
I guess we all have areas in our life that need improvement.

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  1. Maybe we should call your wife the head horsewoman...ha, ha just kidding...But actually it is hard to confront people sometimes and wow, "Go MOM!!"