Thursday, May 28, 2009

Animal Life

When springs comes, what follows is the signs of new life. Here I found a nest with new born birds waiting to be fed, of course, the mom was not happy that I was invading their space.

The kittens were having a blast rough housing with each other.
Ellie, the horse, will be in heat soon, at which time she will be taken to a Stud. So next spring, we will have a foal prancing around. We also have chipmunks running around, but they are hard to photograph, since you never know then they are going to appear.
Below is a video of me playing with one of our barn kitties.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gathering of Family

My niese opening up her gifts..

The big teenager is all smiles....

Somebody wants in on the action...

Yesterday, we celebrated two birthdays, my daughter, who turned 13 and my younger brother's daughter, who is a year older. We also had my two uncles, my dad, and my cousin from Florida over to help celebrate. Everybody had a great time playing basketball: The big kids and even the small ones.
Others enjoyed sitting down with the barn kittens. As you can see I have not figured out how to line up my pictures with what I am saying. In fact, when I look at the preview of what I am doing, it looks different, but oh well.
Back to the party. The food was great and the pies, cake and ice cream were well recieved.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nazi Eye Doctor

I thought I would share an experience that we had today at the eye place. I needed new glasses, because I have been wearing the same pair for a few years now, and also they have been sat on, thrown around, sat on some more, missing a nose piece, bent in a couple different places, and scratched. So me, my wife and 5 year old son took a trip to get daddy some new glasses. I also needed a new exam, so sitting in the small room listening to the Doc talk, my 5 year old son, who was doing very well in sitting still, moved around to lean against my wife's lap, when out of nowwhere the Doc yelled with a sterness that I had not seen or heard in a very long time " SONNY, YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN AND BE STILL, I AM TALKING TO YOUR DAD." Then he went back to talking to me like nothing had happened. Lot of things go through your mind when something like this happens. Do I say something? How could he do that with us right there? After he got done talking, we walked out of the room, and he was going to help me pick out which frame. As the Doc was giving me a pair to try on, me son starting grabbing for one of the hundreds of glasses that are poised on the wall. When out of nowwhere the Doc again yelled with a sterness." SONNY, DO NOT TOUCH THESE GLASSES, YOU NEED TO SIT OVER THERE ON THAT CHAIR." As he was saying that, the Doc had his hand on my son's arm and it looked like he was going to pull him over to the chair, but since my wife was right there, she intervened and looked straight into the Doc's eyes and with a look that a mother could only give when her darling child is being threatened retorted "I'LL TAKE CARE OF HIM, THANK YOU!!!!!!" She led him to the seat, and me and the Doc proceeded to find the right frames. Not sure if this Doctor was having a bad day, but in no circumstance does anybody correct another person's child in front of their parents. I wish I could say that I stepped in as the protector of my home and laid in on him, but I did not. I am sure whoever is reading this would have boldly, without hesitation, said something.
I guess we all have areas in our life that need improvement.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Horse Camp pictures

Here are some pictures of our daughters in action.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Long Day at Horse Camp

Horse Camp is done, and the girls did past their safey test with flying colors and are now eligible to participate in the fair this July. We did manage to make only two trips with the 5 horses back home. Our friends horse was still being stubborn getting into the trailor, but with the help of some seasoned horse people nearby, he was in and we were off.
The day was long with many workshops that the girls participated in. I did manage to steal away and help tear down a 16 foot round, 42 inch deep pool at our friends house so that we can put it up at our house, which is going to be great come summer.
Today, our 2 daughters are at Horse Camp doing various workshops. There will also be a safety test that they will have to pass with their horse in order to be involved in 4-h and to be able to show their horse at the fair this coming July. Since my 2 boys are not involved with horses, I will be entertaining them. There is a pool at a friends house that they are letting us use this summer, so that is what me and the boys will be doing sometime today.
Yesterday, we had to transport 5 horses from our house to the location of where Horse Camp is. Since, our trailor only holds 3 horses at a time, we were looking at 2 trips. For those who are not aware, trailoring a horse can, at times, be difficult. Of the 5 horses, 1 horse was a friend of ours that we are boarding at our place. They had recently, like 3 days ago, purchased this horse. This is the horse that gave us the most trouble yesterday. Point to remember..if you need to be somewhere at a certain time, start to load your horse early to allow for stubborness. The plan was to load 2 of our horses in first, then put the divider between back to front up. Then load our friend's horse. Our two horses went in great, but after 20 minutes of trying to get the other horse in, we decided on plan "B", which was to take our 2 horses out, and load our friend's horse in first. After 20 minutes of that, we decided to revert back to plan "A" minus our friend's horse. So we loaded our 2 horses back in and took them to Horse Camp. We dropped them off and came back for the other horses. We tried again to load our friend's horse, but to no avail. Then we loaded our other 2 horses and ran them to horse camp. In the meantime, our friend called the previous owner of the horse to see if he could come over and help load the horse. So when I arrived home, the previous owner was waiting to help load the horse. After an hour, the horse still would not go into the trailor. It was now 9:30 at night.
So you are probably wondering what happened to the horse. Did he finally get into the trailor? Did they give up? I bet the suspense is driving you mad.
Well, they deciding to try and load him this morning, which went absolutely flawless. Maybe it was the fresh morning air that helped him get into the trailor. Whatever it was, all 5 horses are now at horse camp.
I will leave you with one thought.

All 5 horses have to come back home... OH BOY!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Welcome to my new Blog.