Saturday, May 9, 2009

Long Day at Horse Camp

Horse Camp is done, and the girls did past their safey test with flying colors and are now eligible to participate in the fair this July. We did manage to make only two trips with the 5 horses back home. Our friends horse was still being stubborn getting into the trailor, but with the help of some seasoned horse people nearby, he was in and we were off.
The day was long with many workshops that the girls participated in. I did manage to steal away and help tear down a 16 foot round, 42 inch deep pool at our friends house so that we can put it up at our house, which is going to be great come summer.


  1. A 16 foot pool? Wow! How did they get the horse in the trailer? what's the story?

  2. They used the butt rope method. Tie one end of the rope to the trailer. Bring it around the butt of the horse and stand on the other side of the trailer and help pull the horse in. Worked like a charm, another trick of the trade.